A Helping Hand

ConnectExpat looks to solve the problem of loneliness and disconnect for international students. And it also looks to help prospective international students connect and communicate with their predecessors, so they learn from their experience. Many Universities have international student societies to offer this kind of community and support. These societies are insufficient because their meetings takes a lot of planning so it cannot be done often, and also it is inconvenient to adjust schedules to make these meetings. At, ConnectExpat, your community is at your fingertips, you can get or provide help anywhere you go, even to and from prospective students.

Changing Networking

International students have firsthand experience on how to study abroad. With ConnectExpat, prospective international students can network with current international students from their home country and in their proposed school. Ever since I entered the US as an international student. I have been contacted by prospective students in my immediate circle for guidance and information on how to study abroad, With ConnectExpat, any student can seek me and other students out for information and guidance about their admission process, and they can learn from our fresh experience.